If Medical Professionals Boycott ObamaCare, What Next?

Not to be all doom and gloom about the mess that Obamacare is, just from the insurance aspects, let along the sweeping damage to the economy (some if showing, more to come, but it all tends towards chaos…entropy, in other words, the hallmark of government personnel (politicians and bureaucrats alike).

Now we’re finding out Doctors, in this case in California (the state that sets the trend for progressive excess that we all later feel the smack in the pocket book and head about over time)  (source: “Wish They All Could Be California Doctors”), 70% (in CA) are against this entire process!  After sitting on their hands for a few years, they now see what is in the law, now it is passed and the HHS cubicle gerbils have managed to explode the words that need to amplify “As the Secretary determines.”  Now they see how, in a massively overspent federal budget, that their compensation, for long agreeing to help the Feds help people, is going to shrink, because, you know, there just isn’t the money (except for kick back to “organizing” groups (source: “Eric Holder’s kickbacks for community organizers” via HotAir and other aggressive groups who target the right of the majority of the people to live free from massive legal and regulatory restrictions, no-bid contract deals for incompetent corporations where friends work, or union kick backs, etc)

I had a thought: What if there was to be a declaration of a “National emergency” because the medical community saw no benefit, but in fact only minimum wage compensation to offset their overhead and school loan costs?

Before I began to bloviate, I did a search regarding Health Care Personnel Delivery System (“When can the draft be implemented under US law?”) and found one of the items listed in the response for the search was the Selective Service Site.

I think I wandered across a paragraph that fortells the future, which, were I into conspiracy theory, would posit that the current Administration. most particularly the President, isn’t will to repeal ObamaCare, and is still in his quarters with Valerie Jarrett, smirking broadly, because it is an ace up their sleeve, and yes, it will trump us by complete surprise.

Read this and weep for us, for it is the remedy to the rebellious faction of the people who currently are employed in, or operated a private business in the healthcare field:

Health Care Personnel Delivery System

In 1987, Congress ordered the Selective Service System to put in place a system capable of drafting “persons qualified for practice or employment in a health care and professional occupation”, if such a special-skills draft should be ordered by Congress. In response, Selective Service published plans for the “Health Care Personnel Delivery System ” (HCPDS) in 1989, and has had them ready ever since. The concept underwent a preliminary field exercise in Fiscal Year 1998, followed by a more extensive nationwide readiness exercise in Fiscal Year 1999. The HCPDS plans include women and men ages 20-54 in 57 different job categories. Today, the most likely form of draft is a draft of health care workers.

So there you have it. I’m sure it will merely take the President and the Senate, now a “Filibuster Free Zone” (and we know bad, bad things happen in “-Free Zones” because liberals and progressives don’t want you to be able to protect yourself, for they will feel diminished in their influence – it’s where predators come to prey, and now we have that in the Senate, and via strong arming in the House) to declare such a National emergency when, in the first few months of 2014, the horrific design and implementation, and the lack of coherenet project planning will lead to wide spread “upsettedness” in the media (where the MSM won’t be able to not report it). Between patients (us) being victimized for the furthering of a partisan socialized medicine, and control of our lives, and the businesses that cut back or close their doors, all pointing the finger at ObamaCare, it will be the “Perfect Storm” to implement the fix of drafting any medically trained/licensed persons the Feds so desire into the Public Health Service, which, by the way, is a “uniformed service,” just like the Army, Navy, Marines, Air force and Coast Guard.

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