While the World (is about to) Burns

How much has the President actually done regarding his Constitutional duties to protect this country and it’s interest abroad?

He has manager to practice bowling, appear on the Jay Leno Show, and take on deciding how much executives will earn, if they take the taxpayer’s dime(s), and…he can manage to have cocktail parties.

He couldn’t manage to find a meaningful gift to a major foreign leader.

He has told the Pentagon to cut their budget, while passing out money like you could just print as much as you need, along with cutting current defense programs. We don’t need a next generation long range bomber plan, we don’t need the F-22 fighters,.

He tried to push through a measure to require veterans to pay for their service related treatment with private insurance, until he felt the ire of the Veteran’s organizations, and even a number of those normally leaning left who actually do “support the troops.” He backed off.

So, while North Korea and Iran share technology, and Russia “helps” Iran bring “peaceful” nuclear reactors on line, Barack Hussein Obama can bowl a 129 and can make fun of the handicapped. Iranian officials even blow off his message of openness.

Why can’t he deal with them? Can he not confront anyone but Rush Limbaugh? Look at this pattern: First he takes on the Talk Show hosts, and they fire back. Now he does the “fresh target, shift fires” routine and takes on someone who doesn’t have a national microphone: AIG and bank executives. Besides, all the President did was to bring more listeners and advertizers to rush, which, I contend, provided the opportunity for the undecided to listen to Rush and some most likely were “converted to the dark (light, take your pic for political correctness) side!”

Side note: Notice how there has been a deafening silence from the White House regarding Rush’s offer to debate the President? Yep, he’ll only take on those who don’t push back.

Bank owners/manager can’t do this. They have to suffer in silence, or find enough to band together to hire the kind of lawyers who can take on the President and the Congress and have a chance of winning in the Federal Court system.

Now, we find out Syria did in fact, get into building nuclear things, aided by Iran and North Korea.

Iran, has amped up the commentary, saying the President hasn’t changed enough, and they still hate us, yet he keeps believing his assisted rhetoric will win the day, for some warped reason.

President Bush could most likely clear more land in a day than President could. On top of that, George Bush knew who the Axis of Evil was, and he took out one of them. Syria has now moved from a tier 2 to a tier 1 “participant,” and along the way, those three nations view us with disdain, despite any “Happy New Year” message we can video without the press present.

In my world, as a part employer, I think it wold be nice for the President to stay on task, and prioritize the defense of the nation above all else, and not be jetting off to visit with Hollywood celebrities. I had my first mentor in the real world tell me about a boss who had all the desks with drawers taken out of the office. Desks had legs and a surface and an in and out basket. When the “In” was empty, you could go home. That meant the work all had to be placed in the “Out” basket, since there was no other place to put things. Time for the President to work at that standard. We’re paying him, but I guess when you make more in one book deal than a year’s salary on the taxpayer’s graciousness, maybe you think we don’t matter…and you can blow us off. Somehow, I think $400K is nothing to sneeze at, particularly considering the troubles some people are having this very day. Mr. President: Get to WORK!

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