The Operational Plan Becomes Clear

by editor | March 11th, 2009

It’s not all that transparent, I suggest. Banks are “getting it” and want to give the money back. Why?

Does any thinking being have to wonder why, when Porkulus 1 money hasn’t even been barely distributed, they are already calling for Son of Porkulus?

Here’s the deal: Unaccountable bureaucrats will tell you how you will handle everything in your life, or the money will stop flowing.

All under the guise of making sure the taxpayers money isn’t being mis-appropriated…like for that fat laden Big Mac, the soda with sugar and caffeine, the “nasty” second hand smoke producing cigar, or…how much you drive your car (oh, and what kind it is) instead of taking light rail and the bus and where you send your children to school.

They want everyone to sign on the dotted line now, and then, the “fine print” reading will be way too late. As pointed out in an article on banks trying to return the money, it was noted that the Government can change the conditions in the future. So, consider what that portends for anyone taking Government assistance. The basics: Unintended consequences, based on unforeseen regulations, without the benefit of a legislative process to vet them.

Tea Parties are a start. More push back will be needed, or we shall all be drones of the state, working to give to the Federal Government, so they can hand some of it back, with massive restrictions, and new restrictions they can apply at the whim of anyone in the heap of civil servants between you and the President.  Interesting how it works:  They take our money, then pay off a bunch of civil servants, hand us back some of the leftover funds and tell us we have to respect the rights of all other taxpayers for taking it.  Yep, I hope that makes your head explode, because it stupid at the core, and the thinking person knows it.  Side note:  what does that say about those who we voted into office who can’t stand up and say “This is not only stupid, it’s immoral!”

And: Just think, the news this very day is Bernie Madoff may have to serve life in prison for his $65B ponzi scheme. Think about the bailout/stimulus/America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and all such permutations as a huge money laundering scheme. The difference is when the power of the Congress and the Executive is behind it, it is somehow legal.

The Government takes our wealth in taxes, then drafts up a mountain of conditions, then places the money on the table in front of us, with the tomes of “conditions” and a pen.  The Government representative, or their proxy by the chain of money distribution, will say “Sign here” and then put a fork in you, you’re done. You know how desperation works: If you’re hanging on by a thread, you sign without “reading the contract.”

I spent a few decades where my part of my duties required me to be a steward of taxpayers funds as an end user, not as a bean counter. Near the end of my time, I directly handled $11M and oversaw a total of $34M of federal expenditures. A portion of my time, as a department head in a large software maintenance organization was spent ensuring the funds allocated by a DC office was spent in accordance of the guidelines, which extended all the way from the Congressional Budget. There was single year money, multi-year money, all with specifics of under which projects the funds could be expended. The “rules” were that the person who last touched it was accountable for where it was spent, even if an error in the funding lines may have been altered by accident up the chain somewhere in the “accounting data.” The strings attached to this money were lengthy and very specific, including the legal outcomes if you did the wrong thing. Moral of that paragraph: No seat of the pants spending allowed.

Puppets. We shall all become puppets if we are not mindful of the serious danger of President Obama’s ingrained punishment mentality, bred into him by the radicals who were his mentors and role models.

The bottom line:  He wants to be able to tell each and every citizen how they will live their life, and he will keep telling you it’s to make sure the taxpayer’s money is spent right.

The almost final thought:  no wonder the President hasn’t had time to deal with the pressing issues of foreign affairs.  First he needs to gain a massive degree of control of the populace, using this sort of end around of The Constitution first.  With such control he’ll be much more able to control the conversations that should go on in a republic.

The final thought:  Didn’t we get here by Government mandating who got money and who didn’t and how and where it would be doled out?  How’d that work out for us so far?

Mark my words.  This theme will play out in the Consumer Safety Protection Act, gun control (think localities taking money being told that a condition is “reasonable regulation of ownership”), and a variety of other social, legal and even moral issues (can you say no protesting abortions?).  Take a moment and envision the “unintended consequences” that shall follow the money from the halls of Congress and trhe Desk in the Oval Office.  I trust you are reasonably horrified.  I trust you will let your elected officals know how you feel about this.  It is time for “feelings” to come to the forefront.

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