President Obama Using Federal Government Power to Vilify Citizens and it Backfires

by editor | March 21st, 2009

From the Wall Street Journal, the President has found out he didn’t think out the “unintended consequences.” Or he did and this is exactly the response he expected: “One step forward, two steps back” – Lenin.

Notice no one said how big the steps were. I can’t find the whole quote, but many years ago, I read it, not in the title of the book by V.I. Lenin, but the entire text that had “the rest of the story” about step size. Meaning: Take a large step, if resistance is encountered, promise to back up two. It looks, to the resister, like you are actually moving backwards by your words, further back that your start point, but you merely make two small steps in reverse, leaving you with “conquered” ground. It’s all about manipulating the perceptions.

Note the choice of words: “Punitive Legislation.” Somebody gets it.

Consider: The full power of the Federal Legislative and Executive branches “punishing” people for running a private firm. Yes, they have been given taxpayer dollars, so the overall system wouldn’t suffer, then the Government punishes them for taking the bonuses that the Treasury Department and Senator Dodd made sure they were in the bailout legislation.

What kind of America have we become?

Financial-industry officials launched a campaign Friday to fight back but are finding their hands tied: Anti-Wall Street sentiment following the American International Group Inc. bonus payouts is making it difficult to reach once-friendly lawmakers to make their case. Key senators and their staffers, nervous about appearing to support the industry, are refusing all meetings, and, in some cases, turning away phone calls. “Unless you have a pitchfork and a noose nobody’s listening to you” on Capitol Hill, said one financial lobbyist.

Who has the best paid lawyers on their side? You know, why would a top notch law school graduate go to work for the Govt, when they can make lots and lots more money as a private one? Sorta like why so few military academy sports players end up in the big leagues….not a snipe, just a fact. It’s about you life priorities.

Oh, call it the “Full Employment Act for Trial Lawyers Bill (FEA4TL)” just for fun.

The White House has yet to publicly criticize the bonus tax proposals. But administration officials say privately they are concerned the House and Senate bills could lead to an exodus of employees or whole companies from the Troubled Asset Relief Program, known as TARP, as well as other government-sponsored financial rescue efforts.

Hallmark of this administration: It’s merely a act/poll/react mentality. They don’t can’t think about the consequences of any action. They are to focused on “The Agenda!,” to have actually developed the political equivalent of a business plan.

Consider all of this derision from the government, calling bankers the equivalent of “suicide bombers.” It’s a cultural thing. When the President tells the world one profession is good (lawyers) and another is bad (bankers, investment bankers, Wall Street companies, etc….), it leaches into the psyche of those considering their upcoming, either first or subsequent, career choices.

Speaking of that, the President is showing himself to be the “Offender-in-Chief.” Besides calling his fellow citizens suicide bombers, the also disses those in the Special Olympics. He’s “sensitive” about his big ears, he’s sensitive about it being pointed out his close associates in recent years want to see the Government and officials destroyed, and that America is one big bigoted nation, and then he has the gall to use those words?

Back on topic: He has the power to influence where the talent goes. He may not know it, but he’s going to chase away the very people who may just be able find a way out of the current darkness in the economic arena.

If these are the “smart” people, I don’t want no more smart ones telling me they know the answers. They ain’t got ’em! They don’t or they just are pushing to see what they can achieve, and pull back if they find resistance.

It is also a vestige of “real world” business experience. If they had it, they’d certainly understand marketing a whole lot better. However, it seems they are a bunch of lawyers, who think written text is always right, unless they find a loophole that compliments their desires to avoid the specifics, and certainly the intent, if they disagree.

Just a closing thought: What industry is next to be publicly called out? Which corporation will next have to hire private security and tell their employees to not go out alone, for their fellow citizens may want to cause them physical harm?

The President using his bully pulpit to send the citizens after one another is immoral, and unjust. He is the one who calls for justice for the “enemy combatants,” who are no longer are enemies, despite their own statements, yet cannot see it worthy of our own neighbors.

Paranoia? Yes, another hallmark of communism. Ask any who have lived under it.

It used to be conservative talk show hosts, and MSM financial reporters. Now it’s just your average finance industry worker…yoou know, the “greedy capitalists.” Who’s next?

Call to Action: I’d recommend you contact your representatives and let them know how you feel about the President vilifying citizens.

Update 3/21/2009: And then an ACORN derived group shows up at AIG Executive’s homes. You remember ACORN? The “community organizing” group President Obama worked for, and trained for? The one accused of voter fraud in at least TWELVE states, the group that is receiving $2B in Stimulus Fund dollars. The same group that entered bank lobbies and demanded CRA loans be issued to those who couldn’t actually afford them?

Yes. A group bent on destroying us financially, for their own political gain, one President Obama actually worked for.

Now they are at the doors of private citizens.

It’s a multi-pronged attack on citizens. With the Executive and Legislative branches, blatantly violating the basics of the 14th Amendment, supported and abetted by known socialist groups.

My God, what have we done?

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