Bumper Stickers, Anyone?

by editor | March 14th, 2009


Idea hat tip to:  Tarzana Joe on Hugh Hewitt 3/13/2009!

Update 3/26/2009 – I found the entire poem regarding this post’s topic:

January 30, 2009

Stickers – by Tarzana Joe

During the last administration
Nothing made me sicker
Than the loyal opposition’s
Use of bumper sticker

For the kind of threats that faced us
In the darkness of those days
Should not have been debated
By some adhesive phrase

So bothered by those phrases
‘Stead of driving, I would foot it
I don’t care where hybrid drivers
Think my president should put it

But my party’s out of power
And my nose is out of joint
Guess I’ll have to stoop to slogan
To impress and make my point

I’m now printing bumper stickers
Which I hope will spread like cancer
With the following emblazoned

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