Words of Wisdom: Advice for President Obama

by editor | February 9th, 2009

The high office of the presidency requires not a continuous four-year campaign for re-election, but, rather, broad oversight and attention to three essential areas – the material, the moral, and the nation’s survival, in that ascending order of importance.

I fear President Obama, having actually done little in politics, where ever he has been, was to warm a seat, and campaign for the next election. That seems to be his history, and it seems to be how he responds to things now as they are.

Senator Bob Dole, on August 15th, 1996, at his acceptance speech (where the quote above came from) as the Republican candidate for the Presidency thought the job of the leader of US has a different meaning, I agree.

Time to end this campaign. It’s time to run a nation. After all, there really are no jobs higher than this to run for and he is still a very young man.

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