Religious Discrimintion in Porkulus: Yep, It’s in There!

by editor | February 6th, 2009

Did you know that the “Bail Out”/”Stimulus” money that would go to universities would have a condition attached? Any building that this money is used to repair/renovate/build could not be used for religious purposes? The question that comes to mind should be: “and just how does that stimulate the economy?”

You don’t have to believe me, you don’t have to go to Snopes (but you can if you’d like). Here is a link to the YouTube video of Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) addressing Congress on what he found in the “Stimulus Bill,” which is being used to promote a variety of leftist and socialist agendas, as well as a vehicle to pay back Democratic supporters of President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

That would mean a dorm building, if they redid the floors, could not be used to hold Bible Studies. A class building could not be used for theology classes…Student centers would be likewise prohibited from use for things like Campus Crusade meetings.

Now, in case you think “Who would track where the money was spent and then sit around to monitor the future use of the facilities? Geez…they need a life!” Think the lawyers and their minions at ACLU.

Consider this: Nancy Pelosi got caught and had to have her money for birth control pulled out. This situation, to choke off religious freedom, which, is in direct violation The Constitution, is the way of the people in Washington DC work now. They most likely have much more “hidden” in the bill, behind lots of language, knowing some things they want will get done will miss the scrutiny in the rush to get this bill passed. President Obama pushes daily, knowing the longer we actually consciously consider, with deliberation and respectful questions, the more of these sorts of insidious measure will be found out. I believe what happened over decades should not be fixed in a quick flurry of half thought out methods. The future is too important, and besides, look at how we are now seeing the aftermath of the TARP Bill of late last year, done in a rush, and now subject to waste, fraud and abuse at the billion dollar level…

I urge you to contact your senators immediately and voice your opinion on this issue, and be ready to act more opening in the coming days.

Here is an easy link to making sure you get the connection with your senators and representatives in Congress.

I just found CongressNow. It has a variety of tools to keep you updated on issues, voting, status of legislation, and a method to directly contract those who represent you. I have no stake in the site, but it appears to be well laid out and informative. You can even sign up to have an weekly email on how your reps voted!

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