President Obama’s Test Handed off to the UN

by editor | February 6th, 2009

The “crisis” moves forward.  See the links at the top of this post for my prior posts on the issue.

The Monchegorsk, now in Cyprus, is presenting a dilemma for the host country (the supposed nation of the vessel’s flag):

Monchegorsk, a Russian-owned cargo ship traveling under a Cypriot flag, is moored in Limassol, Cyprus. Its cargo includes substantial military materiel (exactly what remains a mystery), loaded in Iran.

Cyprus has asked the Security Council for guidance: Should it confiscate the cargo, and expose it to show the danger Iran poses to the whole region? Should it send it back to Iran, or let it go on its way?

Wonderful. The Council that can certainly write strongly worded sanctions (reference: Iraq, and now Iran) and somehow never has the courage to enforce them, is asked to decide how to treat the blatant violation of Resolution 1747 against a nation that is on the brink of fielding a nuclear weapon, while telling the UN IAEA leader “it’s all for ‘peaceful’ purposes” for years, will “decide” what to do with this war material contraband.

My prediction: A strongly worded “don’t do that anymore” memo shall be issued, and the government of Cyprus will be told to let the ship sail as it wishes (probably being ordered to supply them with fuel and stores for any future journey, at the cost of Cyprus, so as not to display a “clenched fist” towards the Mullah’s or Iran.

I’m having a harder and harder time understanding how educated people cannot read their own writings and make the decision based on what was written.  It seems any set of words, produced at an extreme financial investment, means nothing, and when challenged, is quickly, and apoligetically reveresed if anyone had the determination to stand up and scream discrimination.

Maybe the US should try it.  Oh, I forgot, President Obama can’t confront people, he has to work in the dark, and through proxies in his political warfare..and saying “I Won!”

One Response to “President Obama’s Test Handed off to the UN”

  1. it. Important thing is what was said. I use all the inputs to my beiefnt for improving our process and determine where I should pay attention on the future planning.You got my point by now that how important it is to know what Iranian people wish for. We need to spend a little more time about the Vision of Tomorrow for people. We are required to know what people want. (Being vague like they want freedom won’t help us either). Until we find out what nation need in specific, we are throwing our fist to the wall and most of the time in the air.We all experienced this fact by now, that regime change does not necessary bring democracy. Don’t jump the gun and assume that I am pro this or that lets look at the big picture. Everything depends on having objectives We need to have an OBJECTIVE and know what PEOPLE want. Where should these objectives come from? We, people living outside Iran, ARE NOT the one to determine what the people of Iran want. It should come from Iranian people who are currently living in Iran.Also it is important to know what they are fighting for and NOT what they are fighting against. Eastern culture unfortunately does only concentrate on what we do NOT want instead of what we should go after. Ok, we all know most majorities do not want Molla’s regime. If Mollah leaves tomorrow then WHAT? This is what we have to work on. What is the alternative? Give me something to replace them for? I was tricked once, big time, and I was promised that if Shah leaves, things will change for better. We need to know what is the substitute?Poll or survey is one of the tools we need to use to learn or rediscover of people’s interest IN SPECIFIC for the future of Iran. For example, is there any statistic to show what percentage still wants monarchy? What percentage wants state of republic? How they would like for us to pursue? What kind of help in specific they need from us? Etc Having this information from the people who reside in Iran, will certainly help us to concentrate or maybe in particular re-direct some of our efforts toward educating our self, how to lobby, reforming our effort, re-grouping, and most importantly come together.Only survey of Iranian people inside Iran will provide the answer -VidaBeverly Hills, California

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