Politics Above Nation: President Obama at the Helm

by editor | February 12th, 2009

The President of the United States, in an effort to fulfill promises to some of his supporters, has placed more people, here and abroad, in mortal danger.

This statement is not made lightly, and it is supported by his own staff, and is based upon how the Nations non-military legal system works.

He is a lawyer, who seems to not understand the law, or he is more concerned with keeping support of those who make dangerous and outrageous decisions, based on emotion, not reality or legal precedent, nor even common sense.

The manner in which he is closing the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba also allows the detainess access to National Security Secrets:

President Obama clearly didn’t do his homework before ordering the suspension of military tribunals to try terrorist suspects. We have learned that even his own legal counsel admitted that Mr. Obama erred in discussing details about terrorism with families of victims last week, and that the administration was ignorant of a key point that terrorists exploit to their advantage. In his rush to fulfill a campaign promise to his more fervid anti-war supporters, the president’s legal oversights risk the disclosure of some highly classified information to terrorists.

The Washington Times editorial, quoted above, calls this an “oversight.” I would refer to it more appropriately as an “egregious error in judgment,” as that is more fitting.

Blundering ahead at full speed to make good on what he described, right after being elected as “Campaign Rhetoric,” so as to continue to maintain a razor’s edge of majority of support for his ill conceived plans, he is oblivious to the consequences of the mis-use of his real powers.

Think about it: Many of us were justifiable upset when the New York Times published stories about tracking terrorists by their cell phone signals, or the international money trail, or that some very hardened terrorists were kept in prisons elsewhere (a policy put in place by President Clinton and Leon Panetta, but blamed on President Bush (43)). In this case, the legal process to “bring them to justice” will actually cause the Federal Government to hand over classified information to those who’s stated purpose is to destroy this nation. It is a methodology that leads to national suicide. Why? So President Obama can wake up in the morning and say to himself in the mirror “I kept my promises” as he grows old and has left the White House.

Additionally, unlike those who believed the single human being named George W Bush was the origin and locus of all evil in the world, I comprehend that the President is supported by many, many staff people, who are picked for their understanding. His decisions will, in many cases be directly formed as a result of the positions they present to him. Analysis: They, too are a bunch of zealots, and not thoughtful, experienced, intelligent people. They, too, are unreasonable in their judgment, and it affects the people of the US and the entire world, when they fail to grasp the magnitude of their words to the President, written or spoken.

In thinking about the approach I have observed of the President since he took office, I thought back to his acceptance speech. It all of a sudden struck me that a key word “hear” was used on the evening of November 4th, 2008 at Grant park, but it does explain much.

And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn, I may not have won your vote tonight, but I hear your voices. I need your help. And I will be your president, too.

Think about it: “I hear” your voices. What if he had said “I will listen to your voices” and then added something like: “so we may find the best course to take the Nation into the future in these challenging times.” That would have implied that there are possibilities for good ideas to be formed on either or both sides of the aisle, while not surrendering his elective decision making status to just anyone with a voice from the opposition.

He cannot deny the voices are raised now. He hears them alright, and responds by calling them “so called economists” and telling also elected officials of the Nation “I won.”

I credit his self-centered, dismissive attitude of no one can know except him in not gathering the rest of us to help him. He slaps us in the face at every opportunity, then lifts his socialistic, union controlled, special interest groups into our faces and tells us they deserve to have access to an exceedingly large amount of capital the economy can produce. How does he expect to get help in this manner?

He is doing exactly as he is saying, he is carrying out a slash and burn campaign against his political adversaries, and the economy of the nation, which impacts the economic underpinnings of the world.

I come back to this point: bad judgment is not an option, as he has shown in the case of signing an Executive Order immediately upon taking office, which, puts us all at risk, himself included, and his wife and children.

On a cold winter day in January 1979, I stood on the bridge wing of a Navy replenishment oiler, preparing to get underway from the NATO fuel pier in Gaeta, Italy, with the position of Junior Officer of the Deck, and I had the “conn” (authority to issue rudder and engine orders). The Officer of the Deck, LCDR Mike Hunt and I had already briefed the brand new Captain (Chance of command had been about two hours prior) on how we planned to maneuver the ship safely out of port. Now we stood ready to put the plan into action, and the winds had changed. Mike looked at me and said words to the effect: “It’s a foolish man who sticks with the plan when the evidence says he needs to change it.”

That concept, while I don’t believe I have the exact wording, was clear. A plan is great. But with more specific knowledge, the wise person reconsiders and adjusts operations, before causing, in that case, our possible grounding of a major logistics asset for the 6th Fleet.

Can I ask: Will we survive his ignorant/arrogance/stupidity, and that of his supporting staff, if this is the manner in which he will act as the leader of the most powerful nation in the history of mankind?

The “America First” crowd must step in the face of the “Politics First” mentality that has overrun the nation.

He is my president because I believe in The Constitution as the foundational guidance. His acceptance speech wasn’t tossing me a life line, it was a statement of the obvious, placed to imply he was interested in unity. He is not, he merely wants to eat his waffles, and he wants to eat them now and someone agrees with me at the Wall Street Journal.

Update 2/12/2009: Another view of who’s the terrorist at The Evil Conservative.

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