I Have a Plan…Not a Good One, But It Will Save Money

by editor | February 14th, 2009

and time and bloodshed  for the Death to America™! Campaign.

I’m just in the mood for a little “black humor” this morning. I have an answer. Not a palatable one, but, it’s a plan to reach the end game without wasting anymore time, which, seems to be where the Obama Administration is taking us, and taking us before we can even read it.  I’m a cut to the chase sort of personality.  Do it now, for God’s sake, if that’s the plan.  Grow some, ObamaVader, and don’t prolong the pain, unless, of course, you like to pull the wings off of flies.

Not even a month into the Presidency to bring America together guy, who will make sure the voices will be heard (notice:  not stated to be listened to), we are about to deplete the collective financial reserves of every working man, woman and teenager in America, so the non-productive and the special interest groups get their paybacks, but more importantly, so President Obama (and I think that’s even more important then the Democrat party) shall remain in charge in perpetuity.  I’m sure the voices will begin to whisper about the 22nd Amendment soon, and grow stronger.  We’re trashing The Constitution and the Bill Of Rights daily, so why stop before it’s all gone?

Anyhow, this article regarding our Director of National Intelligence and North Korean nuclear weapons just put me over the edge and caused me to begin thinking of this satirical method to just get it over with. Think about even the last few weeks:

Diane Feinstein tells the open press we are flying Predators from inside Pakistan. Bill Clinton, a few days ago, and President Obama a week ago, have used their bully pulpits to call for the silencing of “Talk Radio.” President Obama, Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi conspire to make sure the opposition party has such little access to the spending bill, in presence or time, that it will go through as written, directly silencing at least 45% of the population of citizens. The effect? Between cutting the salaries and bonuses of the “rich” and putting money into the hands of very specifically targeted groups, the money will specifically flow to those who will then continue to support the drain on capital from those who oppose the President and give it to those who do.

Now, after using the National Intelligence Estimate to discredit a President for lying to the public regarding Iran trying to construct nuclear weapons, all of a sudden, this Administration tells us they know Iran is doing it and there is little we can do to stop that process. So we are now also to accept that North Korea feels threatened and needs nukes for self defense. Yep, the nation that enslaves most of it’s population, randomly kills many through starvation (ala The Cultural Revolution of Mao), and has one of the largest standing armies on Earth. Yep…and all the while President Obama wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Notice: We, the Russians and obviously Israel have to give them up. Iran and North Korea need them.

My “take away” from this sort of behavior:  They earnestly don’t want America to survive as a sovereign nation.  Or, they are playing some childish, “me first” political game, all to see who can pee higher on the post, and are so ignorant, they cannot see, or lazy and will not exert the mental energy to envision the likely outcomes and consequences or their actions.  If they thought for one minute where they are taking us, against the will of 48% of the voter, we would never see any of this.

So, here’s my assistance, being the process and efficiency person I am, to help my Dear Leader get things done. If you have additions/edits/changes/alternative suggestions, what the heck, post them in the comments and in a month, maybe we can ship them off to Rahm for consideration. My “Death to America™! Campaign (DATC) Accelerator Plan” Or just “DTACAP” for short reference:

  • Immediately dismantle the entire Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. Immediately force through shift of current and out year funds for direct DoD/DHS OMN and OPN costs to the Welfare system.
  • Put all military facilities up for auction, with the provision that the bidders must be 1) A group on the Terrorist list, 2) a nation listed as supporting terrorism, 3) China or 4) George Soros. Establish top bid of $1USD. Proceeds to be placed against the National Debt.
  • All military/DHS equipment likewise auctioned, but top bid allowed $.50USD. Provision: Computer networks will not be scrubbed of National Security/classified data and all passwords for access to same shall be provided to the winning bidder(s).
  • NASA and Department of Energy will be funded, with money taken directly out of the paychecks of registered Republicans, as common research and development office to promote the ability of Islamic Terrorist (only the registered ones on the list may participate) to develop, maintain, sustain, deploy and detonate nuclear weapons via guided missiles and rockets against all enemies of Mohammad, specifically in territory not already absorbed into the Caliphate, and within, if there is a danger of democracy and/or Woman’s (or even Human) Rights gaining a foothold.
  • All Radio stations will be nationalized, and then auctioned. Top bid more for this, like maybe $1000USD, basd on the value of controlling the media. TV news and newspapers will be nationalized, but retained for use by the White House Chief of Staff. Reporters, anchors and researchers and producers/editors will be on nation wide teleconference (one way broadcast only, no questions allowed without prior submission) with the White House Chief of staff daily at 0700AM (Eastern) to receive “Talking Points” for the day. All FCC functions will fall directly under the control of the WH CoS. FCC post will be retitled to “Communications Puppet of the Puppet Master for Mind Control Operations in Support of the Dismantle America Project (DAP)” (a subset of DTAC)

This will accomplish putting essentially all Americans on the dole, while making sure the enemy sheds no more blood, and spend very little money, as reparations of the “oppression” since 622AD at the hands of those who refused to bow before their bloody conquests of Europe and Africa, before being pushed back from the Gates of Vienna. Think about it: President Obama can have his cake and be loved by the citizens of the World sooner, you know, because we don’t love him enough and I wonder: Is Michelle now proud daily of America?

Update 2/14/2009:  Seems like part of the plan is already rolling out. Obama lifts sanctions on Iran because they didn’t slow them down. So…I guess no sanctions are really gonna screw the Iranian plans to nuke Israel! He’s a plant, or a pea brain with a good teleprompter speech.

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