I Don’t Need a Crystal Ball

by editor | February 14th, 2009

to predict what’s going to be said next by our “representatives:”

“I couldn’t possibly have known that provision was in there!”

Top cover.  Plausible Deniability.  Two terms that come to mind, as an explanation of how Democrats will face their voters come Monday and all the way throught their next election cycle.  Done this way, just so they could have this response at the ready.

I believe the bill in question was 1474 pages long, I think I read the largest (in page count) ever to be put before Congress.  All wrapped up in what?  2 days?  I’m sure it broke the record for the largest earmark bill ever passed, too, but it’s not earmarks, it’s “STIMULUS!” to special interests.

I used to speed read.  Had to run through 600 pages a week, while attending class and writing papers, too.  That was 600 a week, not 1474 in two days.

Politicians actually have people to meet, smoozing funds from one another, constituents to talk to, and a variety of other things to do on a regular work day.  That being the case, guess what?  For every damaging provision of Porkulus, the answer will be “I’m only human, I couldn’t possibly have read it all!”  Don’t hold your breath for the MSM to do film/capture/record or even report the follow up question and response:  “Then why did you vote for it?”  Never happen.

No crystal ball necessary.

They are supposed to represent us.  Why is it becoming an increasingly prevalent thing that the citizens have to shut down the switchboards will calls to get them to pay attention?

Answer:  They have absconded with our right to allow them to make judgments for our betterment.  It’s now all about them.

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