How Much Longer Can We Have “Smart” People in Charge?

by editor | February 27th, 2009

A picture is worth 1000 words, but how much outrage can we attribute to this?

Responsibility? Nope. Earmarks? Yes. The beginning of a bill for the generations unlike what we’ve ever done before…and when we’re in financially hard times? Oh, yes. Borrow your way out of debt. Wasn’t that what our “keep up with the Jones,” apply for every credit card you were “pre-approved” for got us? Yep. So let’s now try it at the Federal Budget level. If we don’t expect different results are we insane or sane? If we do expect different outcomes, my question remains.

Not how the “entitlements” category goes up by $900B in one fiscal year. Why?

Note how the one who told us he will cut the deficit in half, presents a budget that increases it 9.92 times…Yes, almost quadruples (but who’s quibbling over a few billion at this point?) the deficit. Who are his advisors? Oh, yes…a man who came from A large, now crashed investment firm…Tim Gietner, and a man who helped President Clinton put the Community Reinvestment Act in place, which has destroyed the mortgage market, Larry Summers. Those are two key advisors to the President. Since the President is a lawyer, who do you think he went to to put this budget proposal together?

How much longer can we afford to have “smart” people telling us how to run the Nation?

Link to the article that contains this graphic at the New York Post is here.

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