Violating the Logan Act

by editor | January 28th, 2009

If we can have a head of the Treasury who purposely doesn’t pay his taxes, an Attorney General who sets up pardons for by not disclosing information, American friends who outwardly advocate the demise of America, and a secretary of Labor who believes setting boundaries on Governmental “Stimulus” spending specifically go to minorities, to the exclusion of “White men,” why not have a Senator not only sit down with foreign leaders, but with the enemy themselves (albeit through his operatives”), who really cares what the law says?

The Logan Act. Americans, except for the President, cannot negotiate on behalf of the Nation with foreign entities. However, no one has the guts to prosecute Nancy Pelosi and the other Congressional leaders who flew around the world, speaking on behalf of the part of the Country that didn’t think George Bush was a legitimate President, let alone Senator Obama, who in late 2008, decided he could hit the road and talk as if he was the President, when he was not.

President Obama has done just that, with al-Qaeda. I guess that’s what he means by the Bush War on Terror is over and he set that in place before he was Inaugurated.

Earlier today, it seemed President Obama disclosed to the Republican leadership that he feared “his legacy” would be tied to the economic collapse. I think he better man up and look for some big boy pants if he has been diddling in foreign affairs before he was Constitutionally authorized to do so. Now there’s a legacy to fear. Think about it: 8 days in office, and you’re focused on “My LEGACY!”

Wrong person, wrong time, no character (Would Dr King Approve?), full of himself, and looking to bankrupt the Nation in order to repay the massive political debt he must have wracked up along the campaign trail. How else could he have gotten there, stepping over the bodies of the party faithful, who had patiently stood in line all these years?

The US is in serious trouble and we’re only a few promises fulfilled. Many more to go, and he seems set on making them happen.

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