Setting Priorities

by editor | January 27th, 2009

First public interview: With Al Arabiya.

In it, he holds out an open hand to Iran and Russia, and then blames the problematic issues on President Bush.

“The American are not your enemy.”  Yes, the left has wanted this all along, while forgetting to recognize the They are America’s enemy.  Since President Carter in 1979, we have been in this sort of one sided “war” against Iran.

“So he can overwhelm them poitically” one of the commenters said.  I guess President Obama sends the message that he is able to charm anyone into just being nice and the newscaters think so, too.

And his offeratroy mention of “I have family members who are Muslims.  What?  Asking for “safe passgae from the Islamic terrorists?  Also, I doubt Osama bin Laden is scrambling to answer that.  He hasn’t bothered to dance to the tune of any other countrie’s leadership, what makes people think he’ll now become managable and be able to be dictated to?  I thought all too aften, that’s what Americans did, President said so.

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