Next on the List: Federal Funds for Abortion

by editor | January 22nd, 2009

Because, you know, this will ease the plight of those who lost jobs.  In a twisted way, I guess it’s more for nine plus months from now, when those sitting around with no work, having to “pay to play.”

Seriously, this is a bad move, and, it does several insidious things:  Reduces the number of future citizens, which in turn reduces the available work force, which in turn means lass taxpayers, which in turn makes the Federally approved, by the “New Deal,” less likely to be able to pay out on the promises of FDR, and FDR II (aka President Obama).

It also lessens the available people to serve to support and defend The Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Then, the icing on the cake is with less workers, we’ll have to import labor.  Guess what?  England, France, Germany and Holland are breaking under the pressure of the effect of doing this very thing.  They soon, if they don’t “Cowboy Up,” will disappear as Western countries.

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