Keeping Promises: Direct Talks with Iran and the Long Term Affects

by editor | January 28th, 2009

Well, here we are in Week Two of the Change Presidency, and it’s changing the World alright. Count on it: If President Obama said it in the race to the White House, it will be done or pushed hard.

Guess what? He really will hold direct talks with a nation that declared war on us in 1979.

Just a few days ago, he told the Arab news interviewer that America has too often dictated to other nations. Now, maybe in some warped emotion of “fairness,” President Obama wants to let other nations get their fair share of dictating to the rest of the World. Look at it like “reparations of a diplomatic type.” You know, Iran is all about telling us how we will do things with/for them (basically dictating to the President that he will do as he said and change), while President Obama will set on “pre-conditions.”

I’m really wondering, just who got elected to the most powerful position in the World.

Note: If you read down in the post at Lawhawk, you’ll note the other promise of President Obama mentioned: Getting rid of Missile Defense Systems. Now, just why do you think the Russians have decided to offer to not put offensive weapons in place to counter the missile defense systems President Bush was working to place in Eastern Europe, to protect that region from ballistic missiles fired from Iran? Note: Iran has contracted to buy Russian made S-300 anti-aircraft systems, and Russia has been assisting Iran in developing “peaceful” nuclear plants.

Why would Russia back off after all the threats issued to President Bush? My conjecture: It gives President Obama “top cover” to slash the missile defense work out of the entire budget, saying the threat has evaporated. Practically: That leaves us, as well as Allies (which he says he wants to work with on world issues – I guess the MSM asked who he considered allies, and who he considered enemies, right?) out in the cold, while the Russians develop new generations of ballistic missiles and as Iran works towards longer ranged tactical ballistic weapons, and heads towards strategic ones. And Iran has called for the eliminatation Israel from the face of the planet. Words, just words, I guess.

Tell me, if our own President has made the decision to make sure he speficically and exactly fulfills his promises he made on the Campaign trail, and now in his Inauguration Speech, why would he dismiss that other world leaders/spokepeople wold not do the same, or will he pretend he is the only one who will be ture to his own words?

Is the connection all to clear here?

The major power players in the World, Russia, Iran, China and North Korea will see how this Administration handles this “test” and move forward accordingly. The stage has just been set for the rest of the world to govern our every act, from energy consumed (energy policy tied to international Kyoto type treaties) to the use of our military (with the UN dictating to us when and where – count on the military staying in place as a arm of the UN to send troops to issue rations to starving nations, at the US taxpayers expense, but never being given the Rules of Engagement to actually defend anyone, let alone the US, our citizens, or commerce abroad.

Point of education: Major military developments don’t come up to operational use with the snap of anyone’s fingers. They take years of analysis, development, testing and then fielding. Dropping the work on the missile defense will: Cut jobs for skilled American workers (oh, yes…that’s already been called for by the new Secretary of Labor), and all the supporting industries that are involved in the support and supplying functions.

It won’t be long before the World celebrates our new found “domesticability” for them to come around and ask us to “Sit!”, “Lay Down!”, “Stay!” or…the favorite, I’ll predict: “Play DEAD!”

And to toss another log on the fire, wasn’t it Candidate Obama who chastised the Bush Administration for going it alone and not working with our Allies? So, who does he think he is now? God’s gift to a world desiring to be peaceful at the wave of a hand?

Thank you, President Obama, for dooming present and future generations of Americans to serving the whims of dictators and tyrants around the world, while using their money to be subject to the abuse.

In the end of this course of action, President Obama will have turned his back on the countries we have been allied with and try to become allies with those who are our enemies. Net result: We will be alone, very alone in the geo-political world, with our necks bared to the wrath of those who hate anything “Western” and their knifes.

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