“I Won” – So Now You’re King of the Universe?

by editor | January 24th, 2009

Once again, I see how an educational system has failed. President Obama did the seemingly polite thing. He brought the Republican Congressional Leadership up to the White House for tea and cookies, told them how important it was to get on with his agenda, and they told him (you know…freedom of speech and dissent being the highest form of patriotism and all) why/what they opposed about it. His answer when they wouldn’t do it his way? “I won.”

How does education fit this discussion? Just who taught him what being the President of the United States is? I guess he figured he “won” the job and now can tell people what he wants and they just say “yes, sir!” and get on with it. Wrong. If the man had bothered to read American history, and not have spent his time “organizing,” he may have a clue how the three parts of the Federal Government actually work.

On the other hand, maybe I should blame the MSM. Think about it, for almost 8 straight years, the MSM, on TV, cable, in print, and on the raido and the web, have continually blamed everything (well, actually they seemed to have only taken the time to comment on the “bad”) on President George W. Bush. President Obama must now think it’s the same for him seeing as how President Bush had the power to order Category 5 hurricanes and underwater eathquakes to punish his enemies, then he (President Obama) should have been granted the same super power and something as simple as telling the Republicans that they must do his will was merely a very polite way of easing into his new superhero status. After all, wouldn’t have a tornado destroying their cars on the way back to the Congressional offices have been a little too brutal?

Then, it may just be that this man has had the political Silver Spoon” jammed so far down his throat, he thinks he is entitled to get his way. Pure arrogance. So much for moving beyond politics, I predict he will raise the political acrimony to a much higer level than we have witnessed. “King Barry” does Washington and the World.

Call to action: Watch your Congressional members to see how they react. Hopefully in a polite way of telling the President they were elected, too, also allowing the words “I won” to be tossed back in his face.

For a second opinion, I quote from the remarks on the WSJ article:

The Republicans need to remind Obama that he was elected president, not king, and that republics proceed through debate, not dictates. It’s going to be a long and contentious 4 years. Obama is as partisan as they come, his rhetoric to the contrary aside.
Comment by King Obama – January 23, 2009 at 2:50 pm

Update 1/25/2009: Wow! Guess what I found backtracking web hits to a Google search? Harry Reid sez: President Bush is not the King.” Heh! Somedays, I love it when the words come boomeranging right back.

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