Hypocrisy or Ignorance?

by editor | January 30th, 2009

I missed it until today:  President Obama must have too.

Maybe he forgets we have YouTube, the MSM, blogs, citizens with camcorders, etc, to record his just about every word.  Floow me for a moment.

Quote:  “America…We are ready to lead again!” on 1/20/2009 to the American people at his Inauguration.

Quote:  “(A)ll too often the United States starts by dictating, so let’s listen.” on 1/26/2009 to an Arab interviewer on Al-Arabiya, in his first news show interview

Does the President know, as the leader of the United States of America, his responsibility to dictate.  It is the nature of leadership, and, I can see that he already hasn’t listened to his domestic voices, such as the Republican Congressional Leadership, and Rush Limbaugh.  He just dictates, telling the Republicans what he wants, then, when resistence comes, tells them his win at the ballot box trumps their objections.

Then, he tells the Republicans to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.

I see a pattern:  President Obama is more concerned with being polite to our avowed enemies, and any other nation that says they don’t like America, yet tells his domestic opposition to shut up.

That is dicating, which of course, is why we call some people “dictators.”

Bonus comment:  The President’s job is not toell us that there are Muslims that just want peace.  We actually know it.  Besides, I didn’t find that in The Constition, but I did find he is Constitutionally charged to protect the United Sates of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.  He’s more worried about making us, the average citizens, accept what the rest of the World wants, and not in making sure the US stays intact.

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