Great Idea: Let’s Not Use Our Own Natural Resources!

by editor | January 22nd, 2009

Next agenda? Pay back the radical environmentalists and, in the long haul, the Arab and South American dictators who also made sure he won the election. IN the near term, the effect will most certainly be “the redistribution of wealth.” President Obama is who he told us. He told Joe the Plumber he was going to do this, but the adoring masses assumed it meant within the United States. Little did anyone realize, President Obama is setting us up to continue to send hundreds of billions of dollars out of the Nation.

Day Three and we’re seeing the radical reformation of the US Security and Energy policies by the stroke of a pen. Then, with John McCain making sure he has a veto-proof majority, we won’t get a say in this. So much for the separation of powers to conduct checks and balances.

So, those who think we shouldn’t drill for oil offshore, while other countries are coming to take it away, just how do you think this will affect the price of a barrel of oil? Again, the educational system has spiked the brains of the youth and forgotten to tell them about “supply and demand.”  Woe is us, for that system isn’t showing any indication it will consider shifting it’s methods, so we’re now strapped with an entire generation coming that will buy into this, for they don’t understand the implications, being totally clueless.

Something is in high gear and I’m not liking the initial trend displayed.

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