Dear MSM: Like Jihadis aren’t our Friends, Obama isn’t yours.

by editor | January 24th, 2009

Wow…can you believe it? The Press Corps is amazed that Obama.his staff are going to provide them with “official” pictures. Maybe that’s why “The Candidate” didn’t want to visit the wounded troops in Germany during his “LOOK AT ME! I’M VISITING FOREIGN COUNTRIES! I”M NOW EXPERIENCED” whirlwind tour. If someone else holds the camera, and the rights to the picture, it’s hard to catch an unguarded moment, be it the emotions displayed or the “tone” of the pictures. Is this manner, then you also get to shape the perception (which…is the “reality” most everyone lives in). Go figure.

Then, add to it, that the reporters know there is now a “Teacher’s Pet” list of who will be allowed to ask questions of President Obama.

Remember, President Obama isn’t even in the office one week and he done nothing for bi-partisanship, has declared a new age in foreign policy (trading friends for enemies), signed a death warrant for babies around the world and now is telling the press how they’ll get to “interface” with the “transparent” President.

Implication (to me): He wants nothing to do with leading, he just wants to dictate. He isn’t interested in accountability, just keeping the power, and grabbing more.

Hopefully, the “honeymoon” with the press will end and they’ll see they have to go back to acting like they did for the last 8 years, or, they, like us, face a very, very bleak future.

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