Closing GTMO Executive Order Signed

by editor | January 22nd, 2009

Bowing to the emotions of a slice of society who knows little of pain and torture, on Day Three, President Obama has given action to “HOPE AND CHANGE!” to….YES!, those who wish to destroy all that this Nation is, not because it is America, but because it is not part of the Caliphate. They can hope their plans for conquest will move faster than they ever could have imagined.

President Obama caps pen after signing the Executive Order to close Guantanamo Prison.

Credit: The Washington Times

Good job, President Obama! Thanks for signing the death warrants for many around the globe, just because you think this will make people “like” and “respect” you. If the goal is to carve out a legacy of helping the Islamists destroy this the West, so you get a seat at the table (still with body attached) then you’re on the correct path.

Some people know the real impact of this sort of idiocy, for they have to live with it…unlike some who will sit in air-conditioned buildings, free from terror attacks.

Readers: Time to contact Congress.

Update 1/23/2009: And now for a little fact checking on the future outcome of this policy. Prisoner 372, handed back to Saudi Arabia, is now an AQ Chief.

Update 1/24/2009: 333 Joins 372 as a film star!

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